Rhamnosoft (France)

Biosaccharide Gum-2


Properties: French Ramnose Extract, Biosaccharide Gum-2, is officially recognized for its effectiveness in managing allergic problems. It can help heal the skin to avoid the skin becoming infected with steroids. Reduces inflammation of acne. Reduces swelling. Helps the rash disappear. It is suitable for people with sensitive problems by having a mechanism to stimulate B-endorphin secretion and moisturize the skin without oily. It acts as anti-Inflammation to reduce allergic inflammation, swelling and redness directly. It is also an Immume Booster which Rhamnosoft will block the signal that the body has an allergic reaction to substances such as IL1, causing no swelling, red and promote the efficacy of acne Care, sunscreen, after Sun and anti-aging



1 bottle (60 ml) price 420 Baht

1 pound (450 ml) price 2800 Baht

1 kg (1,000 gm) price 5600 Baht


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