Product packing instruction sheet (Made to Order)

1. Number of products to be packed Or the order produced depending on types of product (inquire for details)

2. Requires packing is must be products manufactured by us only.

3. Customers can choose packaging (bottles / jars) and bring to us. We have to test the stability of the packaging. Unless it react with the cream, it can be packed.

4.Label, screen printing and carton are not under the responsibility of the shop. It is outside work which customers can bring to us for labeling and packing. It is considered as additional work which is not included with product packing. and we will send details before the design.

5. Length of packing; it takes at least 14 days or more from the date of production completion.  It also depends on the product type, packing size and the ordered quantity which will notify you on a case by case basis.

6. The shop reserves the right to refuse to produce and pack products in some cases.

Service rate of packing products (not including package cost)

1. Packaging smaller than 100g.
1.1) Product packaging fee, 12 baht / piece
1.2) Labeling fee, 3 baht / piece
1.3) PVC shrink wrap fee,, 3 baht / piece

2.Packages larger than 100g.
2.1) Product packaging fee, 10 baht / piece
2.2) Labeling fee, 2 baht / piece
2.3) PVC shrink wrap fee, 3 baht / piece.

Note : The service fee includes cleaning, packaging and UV sterilization of all items.

Wastes from product packaging

1. Packaged product wastes approximately 3%.

2.Packaging and cartons may waste such as breakage from cleaning can be from 3-5%.

3. Labels applied to the product may waste approximately 10%.

I, the employer of the production and packing, has read and agree to such conditions in all respects.