Herbs, spa and chemicals documents to recommend how to order cosmetic production of DD

1.The shop accepts the request for a notification receipt number to FDA, only in case that the customer has the company code that is registered with FDA as the employer of the production

2.The customer (the employer) must sign a contract with the manufacturer (DD Herbal Spa and Chemicals) as an attachment of Cosmetic information

3.When receiving the production employer code, the DD shop will then be able to request FDA registration number for customers.
The DD Herbal Spa and Chemicals will be the manufacturer and customers will be distributors
- Administrative fee 3,500 baht / 1 product (in case of a single product)
- In case customers want to request the registration number for 1 product with many colors and scents, it can be done for the same formula but different colors or scents. Administrative fee is 4,500 Baht (not more than 5 colors or 5 scents per 1 notification number)
- Administration Fee for applying for Certificate CFS (Certificate of Free Sale) and or CPO (Certificate of Product origin) is charged at 1,500 baht per document

4.The requirements for a notification with the FDA are as follows
- The company code to be the employer for the production
- Trade name (English and Thai) such as DD BEAUTY / DD Beauty
- Product name (English and Thai) such as English name: Vit C Moisturizing Body Lotion
Thai Name: Whitcy Moisturizing Body Lotion
- Appearance and size of packaging, including sample label (if the registration number is not yet registered) and the actual label (when completed)
- Other documents will be requested on a case by case basis
- The names and forbidden words to use, the shop will check with the FDA and see as a case by case

In case the customer does not have a production employer code

Step 1: The customer must have a commercial registration certificate stating the trade name (brand name) of the customer by submitting an application to the district or local government authorities in the area where the establishment is located.
In the case of requester is an individual, required documents to be prepared are as following;
•    Copy of ID card and house registration of the employer
•    Copy of house registration of Sales office or product store
•    Photo of the front of the establishment
•    Rental contract (if any),
•    License to use the building or others, depending on the district office or the respective DBA
Apply to be a distributor of cosmetics under the customer's brand or trade name. (In the event that the company is registered as a company, it must apply to the Ministry of Commerce. Preparation documents must see details with the Ministry of Commerce).

Step 2: After obtaining a commercial registration stating the brand name or trade name and being a cosmetic distributor, the customer has to request an operator code to be a manufacturer with the Food and Drug Administration at the Ministry of Public Health Cosmetics Department (One Stop Service Center).

We will issue a letter and a power of attorney for customers to submit. (Customers must submit a commercial registration number and ID card number to the manufacturer to fill out the documents before submitting) as information in the letter and power of attorney. And customers must prepare the following documents;

1. A copy of a commercial registration or business registration specified Brand name or trade name
2. A copy of the national ID card of the authorized person in the commercial registration or commercial registration
3. Map showing the location of the office and places to store cosmetic products
4. Interior layout of distribution locations or a place to store cosmetic products
5. Photos of the office or place to store cosmetics
6. Power of Attorney (F-C2-11 (0-28 / 04/58) can be downloaded though the internet
7. Notice of Intention Request for production employer code (The production contract will be issued)
8. Copy of national ID card of the contractor (The production contract will be issued)
9. Other documents or evidences. In the case of the corporation, must attach a certificate of corporate registration.

Note :
- Product submitted for notification must be a product that is manufactured with us only.
- The registration number of the FDA or the notification receipt is valid for 3 years from the date of receiving the registration number.
- The shop reserves the right to cancel the registered number of the product, In the event that the customer do not have the production order for 9 months or more without notification to the customer.

Period in the development and formulation

1.Period of development and adjustment of cosmetic formulations and sample production process, it takes 7-10 days from the customer pay the sample fee.
However, there may be some anticipation depending on the case, such as raw materials need to be imported, take a long time, or the production process. It may have some discrepancy. We will notify customers if any unexpected occures.
2.Period for sample product testing, based on customer satisfaction but it should not exceed 4 weeks. If it takes too long, it may be necessary to repeat the experiment.
3. If the customer wants to modify the sample product, you can notify to the shop. We are pleased to make adjustments 1-2 times or more, depending on the reason for the correction.
4.Production time 7-14 days (from the date of the raw material maturity).
5. Packaging period 14 -21 days or more including cleaning of the packaging.

Note : - The shop reserves the right to change the above details without prior written notice.
And we reserve the right to refuse to produce the product or continue with the production process, and willing to refund the sample fee If we see that we cannot do what the customer wants.
- The duration may have an expectation and changeable.

Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Dermatology and FDA

The receipt number, the state will respectively issue a notification receipt that has be informed the details of each year, and show the notification number at the top of the receipt.

The notification number is a symbol indicating the product description. The individual control cosmetics, notification number is necessary message on cosmetics,. Therefore, when the consumer reads the label, it is easy to know whether the product has provided the preliminary details with the receipt or not, or the 10-digit number can be searched in the office's database in case of unsure. Regarding the law, it will come into force from 14 September 2011 onwards. If there is no notification number on the label, it will be guilty under Section 57, a charge for displaying incorrect labels and will be subject to a fine not to exceed 10,000 baht and be revoke the notification receipt. If the violation done by manufacturer or the importer, it is subject to imprisonment for a period not to exceed 6 months or a fine not to exceed 30,000 baht or both.
The receipt number considered to be the unique number of that particular product, cannot be used with other cosmetics.

Note :
Please note that cosmetic formula certification does not cover the implementation of the advertisement. Customers shall pay attention to copywriting on the label as follows; Do not describe / advertise properties beyond the scope of cosmetics, or describe the properties in medicine, treatment or changes in body structure. If violated, it will agree to cancel or revoke the notification receipt immediately and agrees to proceed according to the law.

The DD Shop has the responsibility to ensure cleanliness and sterile in specific packaging ordered with the DD Herb & Spa and Chemicals only. (This does not include repacking the product itself).

Caution about the FDA receipt number

- The notification number must match the trade name / product name / manufacturer / supplier name / and packaging requested.
- Can use the FDA of the store during the trial period, in order to refer that the product is FDA-approved. But it must use the details (trade name, product name, manufacturer's name and distributor) as specified on the label.
- If the customer wants to use the correct FDA number, you can request a receipt number, which is the manufacturer and the customer's trade name as the distributor. Please contact our staff for more information.
- FDA symbol is used for food and drug.  The word Notification number is used for cosmetics.